All of Usopp’s fake names, explained

by Eichiro Oda A play is an unrivaled masterpiece in the middle of the big three of the shonen genre. The thrilling adventure series features jaw-dropping plot twists, shocking discoveries, fulfilling combat, immersive character development and, above all, flawless comedy. The action-comedy series lives up to its name, using timely gags like Brook’s skull jokes, Zoro’s horrible sense of direction, and Luffy’s obsessive love for Niku (-肉にく/ Meat).

Leading these classic gags is none other than Usopp’s outrageous lies. The Straw Hats’ sniper adds to the comedic value of A play with its made-up stories of exaggerated accomplishments and exploits. However, among his deceptive schemes, Usopp’s multiple identities are certainly the most iconic. This is one of the reasons he got a jaw-dropping bounty of 200 million berries as God Usopp. So how did Usopp find all of his fake aliases?


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“Sogeking” is one of Usopp’s biggest identities that A play presented to fans in the Hall of Enies Arch. Initially, Usopp left the Straw Hats crew after the big fight he had with Luffy, his captain, over Going Merry. Usopp solved the Straw Hats’ departure until he saw his former teammates struggle to save Nico Robin, who was much wanted by the Navy and the World Government. He then made an open remark to Sanji and Zoro that he couldn’t help them in their rescue mission due to the heavy guilt he felt and his pride. To counter this shortcoming, Usopp camouflaged his original identity using a mask.

Calling himself “Sogeking”, derived from the Japanese word for sniper (sogeki) and the English word “King”, Usopp was able to birth a new identity that each member of the Straw Hats saw through. Naturally, the disguise fooled the simple-minded Luffy and even the crew’s doctor, Chopper. As he plays the new alien identity, Sogeking, Usopp speaks with a deeper voice, sticking to the language used by samurai in the Wano Kingdom. After Sogeking appeared, Chopper bought the fake ID, hook, line and sinker, asking Sogeking for his autograph, adding to One Piece long list of funny moments. Sogeking may be a laughable development in A playbut the false identity allowed Usopp to fight alongside his former crew members while avoiding the question of his sad departure.

The Sogeking identity has not yet appeared in the Wano Bow; it probably never would be. Either way, it’s one of Usopp’s accolades for his ability to improvise and come up with quick fixes to critical issues.


“Usoland” both alludes to Usopp’s false identity in the Dressrossa Bow and the pirate ship Tontatta. However, the ship’s name is the product of Usopp’s misdeeds. In Dressrossa, the mini-peoples of the Tontatta kingdom. The simple-minded citizens of the mini-country have fallen prey to Usopp’s legendary lies. The individual, Mont Blanc Noland, was an icon in the kingdom of Tontatta, revered as a heroic sailor. Usopp then claimed to be a descendant of this famous character, dubbing the name, Usoland.

Deftly mixing the truth with well-crafted lies, Usopp managed to tell a believable story to the citizens of the Tontatta tribe. In reality, Usopp meant no harm by lying about his name. The false identity was a clever attempt by Usopp to escape the Tontatta Kingdom. Fortunately for Usopp, the following events that occurred in Dressrossa Bow worked in his favor, solidifying the Tontatta tribe’s belief that he was truly Noland’s descendant. All the drama even led the Tontatta pirates to name their ship, Usoland.

God Usopp

Of all Usopp’s fake names, “God Usopp” is the most legendary. Ironically, unlike his other identities, “God Usopp” was born out of mistaken facts and coincidences. God Usopp was first used in the Dressrossa Bow. The name may even be seen as an overreward for Usopp’s efforts. Usopp saved a number of people from being toys – a terrible experience for those who had been in the toy state for many years. Most of them have even lost hope of regaining their original human identity.

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An unpleasant fact about the Toy ability, tied to a powerful Devil Fruit, was that in addition to turning its targets into toys, it also erased the targets’ memories of people who knew them. After an interesting fight, Usopp saved these people from their misery, freeing them from their toy state. Afterwards, he was raised by a giant, allowing the people he rescued to see him covered in a ray of light, changing his vision to that of a celestial figure. Even his words have been misinterpreted as heavenly dictates. However, in reality, Usopp was badly injured and unable to speak, and the widely interpreted “heavenly dictates” were actually Usopp’s moans from severe pain. No doubt God Usopp will always remain one of the best gags in the A play franchise.


For once, Usopp’s expert lying abilities were used for a real reason in Arch of the Wa. After arriving at Wano Kingdom, the Straw Hats devised a strategy to blend into Wano Kingdom without arousing the suspicions of Kaido’s subordinates and the malevolent Orochi. Usopp adopted the identity, ‘Usohachi,’ a toad oil salesman. However, his true intentions were to find Kozuki’s servants. On the other hand, Zoro adopted the identity “Zorojuro” Franky, became “Franosuke”, Robin – “O-Robin”, Nami – “O-Nami, etc.”

Usopp’s lies and deceptive schemes are among the main highlights of A play. The Straw Hats’ Highly Deceptive Sniper Will Probably Create New Identities Before The End Of A play. Either way, even if he doesn’t, Usopp is still one of the best comedic characters in the game. A play series.

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