Apex Legends Summer Sundown Event: Challenges, Rewards, and New Legendary Skin

Right after the Awakening Collection event ended, Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment launched a surprise event called Summer Sundown Flash Event. Although Arenas-based Flash Events occur regularly in Apex Legends, this is the first Flash Event to reach the game’s original Battle Royale mode.

Along with daily challenges and free rewards, the event also gave the in-game store a colorful makeover, with several new cosmetics and item bundles (including the exclusive Fluorescent Tech Legendary skin for Valkyrie). The Summer Sundown event runs until June 12. Players therefore only have one week to complete challenges, earn rewards, and purchase the premium skins they wish to own. Here’s everything you need to know about Apex Legends’ Summer Sundown flash event.


Similar to previous Flash events, the Summer Sundown event features a series of five challenges that refresh each day. So far, only battle royale mode challenges are visible. As with previous events, Daily Challenges feature a second set of challenges that appear once you’ve completed the first set. For example, once you complete the challenge requiring you to play two matches, it will then update to give you the opportunity to earn more Event XP by playing five matches. The first set of challenges (and their corresponding XP rewards) are as follows:

  • Play 2 matches: 200 XP
  • Inflict 1500 damage: 200 XP
  • Open 10 supply bins: 100 XP
  • Get 5 knockdowns in battle royale: 100 XP
  • Get 4 top 10 in Battle Royale: 200 XP
The Summer Sundown flash event free rewards track
The Summer Sundown flash event free rewards track


Rewards are received periodically as players collect XP during the event. To earn all the rewards, players must accumulate a total of 3000 XP. Players who complete the reward track will get a total of:

  • 50 Crafting Metals
  • 29 Battle Pass Stars (which will instantly unlock three Battle Pass tiers as long as the player already had a Battle Pass Star to start with) 1 Apex Pack
  • 1 holographic spray

Here’s a tier-by-tier breakdown of the specific rewards players can receive for completing the Summer Sundown flash event free rewards track, and the amount of XP required to earn each one:

  • 250 XP: 25 Crafting Metals
  • 500 XP: 3 Star Battle Pass
  • 750 XP: 10 Battle Pass Stars
  • 1000 XP: 1 Rare Level Apex Pack
  • 1250 XP: 3 Star Battle Pass
  • 1500 XP: 25 Crafting Metals
  • 2000 XP: 3 Star Battle Pass
  • 2500 XP: 10 Battle Pass Stars
  • 3000 XP: Epic Tier Clutch Holospray
The holospray Clutch, which appears to represent Revenant without his mask or hood
The holospray Clutch, which appears to represent Revenant without his mask or hood

Store Bundles

In addition to cosmetics from the free rewards track, players can also purchase the following items and bundles from the Summer Sundown Sale tab of the in-game store using Apex Coins (AC):

  • Fluorescent Tech Valkyrie Skin (Legendary, Event Exclusive): 1800AC
  • Fluorescent Tech Pack Set (as above, plus 60 Apex Packs): 6000AC
  • Booming System Gibraltar Bundle (Legendary Booming System skin, Legendary Beat Dropper R-99 and 2 Apex packs): 2,500AC
  • Booming System Pack Bundle (same cosmetics as above, plus 30 Apex Packs): 3950AC
  • Night Crawler Mirage Pack (legendary Night Crawler skin plus 2 Apex packs): 1800AC
  • Night Crawler Pack Set (Night Crawler Legendary Skin plus 30 Apex Packs): 3950AC
  • Specter Pack (Epic Pocket Specter Weapon Charm plus 20 Apex Packs): 1000 AC
  • Blast Off Pack (Epic Rises To The Top Weapon Charm plus 100 Apex Packs): 6,700AC
Legendary Fluorescent Tech skin exclusive to Valkyrie's event
Legendary Fluorescent Tech skin exclusive to Valkyrie’s event

The Fluorescent Tech skin, Pocket Specter weapon charm, and Blast Off weapon charm are the only event-exclusive items in the store, while the Booming System and Night Crawler skins debuted in events previous ones.

For players on a budget, the Specter Pack is perhaps the best deal of all – players who purchase it will receive 20 Apex Packs for the price of 10, plus a bonus bobblehead Specter charm – no doubt a reference to The Specters waiting to attack unsuspecting players in the recently added IMC Armories on Storm Point.

Apex Legends is free to play on console and PC. A mobile version of the game, Apex Legends Mobile, is available for download on Android and iOS devices.

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