Battlefield Job Listing hints at the return of a single-player campaign

The Battlefield The franchise has a long history of strong single-player offerings. The bad company The spin-off series is beloved for its single-player stories, in particular, but titles such as Battlefield 3 and battlefield 1 are both fondly remembered, too. These days, however, the cost of creating single-player campaigns and the demand for high-quality, accessible multiplayer games have driven Battlefield leave this legacy behind. This may change in the relatively near future, however.


A job posting for a position at Electronic Arts’ Battlefield Seattle Studio, a new studio slated to focus on creating single-player campaigns for the Battlefield franchise, helped paint a clearer picture. Job is a design director and his primary responsibility is to define and lead the “design efforts necessary to create a top-notch single-player campaign experience”. In other words, this role will explicitly work on Battlefield upcoming single player campaigns.

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For further clarification, part of the Design Director Role Overview describes in more detail the effort that Battlefield Seattle Studio is working on. He specifies that the role is to “embrace the fundamental principles of Battlefield franchise” and to ensure they are “woven through all the layers of a masterfully crafted single-player campaign.” As such, the Design Director will guide the development of an “amazing campaign” from concept to launch. ‘completion.

That the new Battlefield Seattle Studio is working on a single player mode Battlefield campaign is not entirely a surprise. A Twitter post from Lianne Cruz in April confirmed that she had been hired at the studio as animation director. However, Cruz referred to the team as Battlefield Campaign Seattle Studio, adding the “campaign” as if that was how the team had been characterized to him. It was even claimed by Battlefield game director Marcus Lehto, who responded and welcomed her to the team.

While the single-player campaigns were only absent for Battlefield 2042there will be a lot of Battlefield fans are happy to hear that future games in the franchise may include them again. If anything, having a full campaign included in a full-priced game will make customers feel like they’re getting their money’s worth.

Even with this job listing, along with others, and the Battlefield Seattle Studio being referred to the campaign studio, nothing is certain. It is not clear whether each Battlefield the game will have single-player campaigns in the future. It’s also unclear when these single-player campaigns will begin to end. It could still be some time before Battlefield is in single player mode again, or it could be included in the next game. Time will tell.

A new Battlefield is currently in development.

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