Best Madden 23 WRs: Best wide receivers by OVR rating

Madden 23 rankings week has begun, as EA has released the first set of rankings for the wide receiver position. This was accompanied by the revelation that Davante Adams of the Oakland Raiders was the first member of the 99 Club at Madden 23.

Thanks to ESPN, EA has revealed the 10 best wide receivers in Madden 23. However, fans can also check out each receiver’s rating to start the season. As always, these odds are subject to change throughout the season, so fans should always hope their wide favorite gets a bump after the start of the 2022-23 season in September. For a full look at each wide receiver’s rating in Madden 23, fans can visit EA’s website and scroll through the ratings. For a rundown of Madden 23’s top ten wide receivers, take a look below.