Choosing the best ace monster in Yu-Gi-Oh Cross Duels

Yu-Gi-Oh Cross Duels had a ghost (realm) release last week in some parts of the world and you can pre-register for its wider release here. Cross Duels marks a new direction for the classic card game. Cross Duels combines the mechanics and variations of different formats throughout the Yu-Gi-Oh series into one. The game takes slightly different aspects of Dungeon Dice Monsters, Capsule Monsters, and the newer Rush Duels format and combines them all into a new type of Yu-Gi-Oh experience.

The game itself is still in its ranked mode pre-season for a few more weeks, but that’s not stopping Duelists from creating, trying out new decks, new strategies, and most importantly, monster skills. equip monster cards. While there may be cards you recognize, almost every card has changed its properties or added effects, including many well-known Trap or Spell cards. Normal monsters can now be equipped with different skills to turn them into effect monsters. Dark Magician and Blue-Eyes White Dragon have been destructive powers since the original series due to their high attack power, but Cross Duels begs the question: what if we add master skills to these normal monsters to create a monster? Ace?

Deliver the final blow with Blue-Eyes White Dragon.
Deliver the final blow with Blue-Eyes White Dragon.

Being able to modify the properties of these cards to create all new strategies without having to waste extra card resources or do combos that diminish a lot makes these Ace monsters much more reminiscent of the original Yu-Gi-Oh’s Duel Kingdom arc . At the time of this arc, the TCG had no concrete rules.

Seto Kaiba, with the absolutely kind and considerate heart he’s best known for, lets players pick an Ace monster from 14 choices after completing the tutorial. You can win and shoot for other Ace monsters to add to your deck throughout the game, but this starting decision is disastrous because it advances alongside your win condition in how you will approach many of your upcoming duels. Picking the right Ace monster can also help you avoid spending real money on the game. Some Ace monsters are great in all situations, and some require very specific decks to use, which can take players a while. players to get them.

Choosing a Monster Ace is your most important decision since you always start the duel with this card in your starting hand. Be sure to choose something that suits your style of play and your approach to card games in general. To help you with that decision, we’ll go over the best Ace Monster to pick and explain what makes their Master Skill great with using it.

Blue-Eyes White Dragon

Kaiba’s Ace Monster, the magnificent Blue-Eyes White Dragon. A destructive powerhouse with one of the highest base attack points in the game. This dragon’s Master Skill allows it to choose and destroy any Monster card on the field. For example, if your opponent is defending with a monster and you have your own other monster about to fight, why not ignore the interaction of your monster fighting the defending monster to destroy the defending monster allowing you to attack directly? This catches opponents off guard and can make an attack go through, especially if the opponent doesn’t have a Trap card. Another strategy is to defend yourself with Blue-Eyes against two attacking monsters and choose one to destroy with your master skill.

Blue-Eyes White Dragon is easy to summon and only requires two monsters or the effect of a Performapal hippo and can change the outcome with a single summon.

Neos, Elemental Hero

Jaden’s Ace Monster, the relentless space warrior, Elemental Hero Neos. He is known from Contact Fusion with the Neo-Spacians. In Cross Duels, Neos’ main skill allows him to return to the hand while gaining the ability to be honored for a monster less and more to grant him Hyperspeed. Hyperspeed allows Neos to move faster through the field than most other monsters. However, when summoned this way, Neos will lose 1000 attack/defense. The only way to stop Neos is to destroy him outside of combat or nullify his abilities. Having a fast Ace monster that can be continuously summoned means you will always have an Ace monster in your hand.

Elemental Hero Neos is another one that is easy to summon at first by only requiring two monsters or the effect of a Performapal Hip Hippo, but can later be summoned with a single tribute.

The result, when you often duel with Yugi.
The result, when you often duel with Yugi.

Red Dragon Archfiend

Jack Atlas’ Ace Monster, his very soul, Red Dragon Archfiend. He is known to tear down every pitiful monster that tries to fight back. Archfiend’s master skill allows him to destroy all defending monsters at the end of the Battle Phase. This can eliminate Monster cards from many opponents, especially players who use decks or cards that require more stall mechanics/playstyle or Ace monsters such as Dark Magician, Bloom Diva the Melodious Choir, or Ojama King, for example. example.

Using cards such as Curse of Anubis and Block Attack allows you to change the position of monsters on the field for Red Dragon Archfiend to then activate its effect. Just make sure your own monsters don’t get caught in the powerful blow of Archfiend’s master skill.

Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon

Yuya’s Ace Monster, the spectacular heterochromatic-eyed dragon, Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon. It is known to have an ever-increasing amount of variations, tactics, skills, combinations, and summoning methods. In Cross Duels, when Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon is Pendulum Summoned (which requires Pendulum Scales from other monster skills), Odd-Eyes, alongside each monster on your field, gains 800 Attack/Defense plus Immunity to destructive effects.

This is a great way to counter an Ace monster such as Blue-Eyes White Dragon or Red Dragon Archfiend while boosting your own monsters’ stats.

By using Top Runner with Hyperspeed to grab the special card in the middle of the field.
By using Top Runner with Hyperspeed to grab the special card in the middle of the field.

Wizard of Sevens Road

Yuga’s Ace Monster, the center of the Seven Roads Dark Spellcaster archetype, Sevens Road Magician. It is one of the seven spellcasters who would be used as a road to the king. Sevens Road gains 400 Attack/Defense for each monster previously summoned with the Inventor skill. If you have four inventor skills activated in the duel, Sevens Road gains two random immunity skills. While this card works for decks with monsters using Inventor skills, Inventor is one of the best overall skills that allow cards to gain additional random effects. If four or more inventor skills have been activated, the inventor’s monsters gain an additional skill. Skills can range from increasing attack/defense to dealing effect damage to the opponent.

Summon a Sevens Road Magician with over 4000 attacks and five different skills. When summoned, victory comes fairly quickly. It is an unstoppable powerhouse with excellent protection to fight Blue-Eyes White Dragon or Red Dragon Archfiend.

These are the four best Ace monsters to choose from, but be sure to choose what suits your own playstyle and/or interests you the most.

When you choose Blue-Eyes White Dragon as your Ace monster.
When you choose Blue-Eyes White Dragon as your Ace monster.

If you end up choosing another Ace monster such as Dark Magician or Trickstar Holly Angel, it can be a bit harder to build an effective deck while you gather/draw/collect even more cards that work in conjunction with each other. others.

You can always receive other ace monsters later, but your first ace monster after completing the tutorial will be what carries you through many of your duels as the inevitable ace.

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