Could Faramir have been as good a ruler as Aragorn?

In The Lord of the Rings, Gondor has long since fallen into ruin and disrepair under the rule of the Stewards. A once noble but too proud line, full of all the follies displayed by Denethor himself, the Stewards lacked the substance to rule such a mighty city of men. Minas Tirith was one of the greatest strongholds of the Numenorians after all, and the Numenorians were the best of men to ever live in Middle-earth. It is their blood, their fire, their spirit, that is needed to keep Minas Tirith alive to its full extent, and the farther it got from the Numenorians, the more doomed the city became.


That is until Aragorn, the last in the long line of descendants of those original legendary peoples, rose to claim his rightful place on the throne of Gondor. Using the ancient healing arts of kings to save the wounded who lay in the houses of healing, wielding the sword that severed the ring from Sauron’s finger, and above all being loyal and faithful in the War of the Ring, Aragorn has proven himself to be a worthy ruler. And he then inaugurated an era of unprecedented peace for all the surrounding kingdoms as well as his own, working in alliance with Eomer of Rohan and the hobbits of the Shire.

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But if Aragorn had never risen to claim the throne, or if he had tragically fallen in battle before he could lead Minas Tirith back to the heights of greatness, is there another who could have reigned in his place and be the big boss? that people so desperately needed? In theory, if the throne had never come to Aragorn, it would have gone to Faramir, the last remaining heir of Denethor the Steward, after the death of his older brother Boromir while on his quest with the Fellowship of the Ring. While the house was charged with ruling the kingdom until the true king returned, the responsibility would have fallen to Faramir after all of his closest relatives died. And many people think he could have done a fantastic job, despite lacking the true blood of the throne and the ancient connection to the Numenorians that Aragorn clearly possesses.

Faramir proves himself worthy again and again throughout the trilogy. To begin with, he created the band of Ithilian rangers he leads in patrolling Gondor’s borders, as he wanted a way to protect his kingdom without his overbearing father constantly blowing his neck. It shows that he is loyal and passionate about the important things, and also that he is perfectly capable of commanding a strong team of men. They are capable of taking down a battalion of raiders on their own, with olephaunts in tow, and they work like a well-oiled machine under Faramir’s skillful leadership. But not only does he direct them; he also cares deeply for each of them. Faramir leads with love, respect, and compassion, rather than with fear and intimidation like his father Denethor.

When Faramir discovers Frodo and Sam in the wild with the One Ring in their possession, Faramir shows wisdom far beyond his years, which is one of the things that makes Aragorn such a strong king. . Faramir shows that he is capable of doing what is best for the world, even if it causes him a lot of personal problems with his father. He shows that he can resist great temptations, that he is not proud or power-hungry like his brother. He doesn’t need fame; he does not seek the approval of those who do not deserve it. He doesn’t have to be the hero or the savior – just quietly doing the right thing for him.

Faramir also shows incredible compassion for Gollum by letting him live, despite his trespassing in the forbidden pool, which carries the death penalty. He hears Frodo’s calls for the creature, and he listens instead of acting recklessly, which is another important skill a king must have to help his people prosper and prosper.

Overall, Faramir is one of the best characters in the trilogy due to his selflessness. He may not have the healing power of the ancient line of kings, like Aragorn does; nor half the years of experience; nor the reforged shards of Narsil to strike fear into the hearts of enemies who come before him. Still, fans can believe that when it comes to the ruler of Gondor, if Aragorn had never ascended to the throne, then Faramir would definitely have been the next best thing.

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