Cuphead Divine Relic: How to solve the riddle and unlock the secret charm

Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course takes players to Inkwell Isle IV, a whole new small world filled with its own unique bosses. Inkwell Isle IV also contains a mystery puzzle for players to solve. Although this is an optional objective, it’s definitely worth figuring out due to what happens after you solve it. If the mystery behind the shattered relic, the climbing contest, and the graveyard is tripping you up, we’ve put together a guide that breaks down the logic for solving the Cuphead graveyard puzzle. You can eventually transform the broken relic into a cursed relic and finally get the big prize: the divine relic.

Buy the Broken Relic

Cuphead DLC Shattered Relic
Cuphead DLC Shattered Relic

First, you need to make sure you buy the Broken Relic from Porkrind’s Emporium (the shop). You can buy it at the start of the DLC, before fighting the bosses. It only costs one coin. Don’t bother equipping it, because the Broken Relic Charm doesn’t do anything in combat.

Talk to climbers

Cuphead Climbing Contest DLC
Cuphead Climbing Contest DLC

There is a catwalk right next to the store. If you talk to one of them, they will tell you about the climbing competition. The three competitors will inform you of their course in the race. I recommend taking screenshots of each speech bubble. I used my smartphone to take pictures. You will need to reference these descriptions later.

How to solve the cemetery puzzle

Cuphead DLC Graveyard Puzzle
Cuphead DLC Graveyard Puzzle

You cannot go to the graveyard until you have defeated Glumstone the Giant and Mortimer Freeze. In the next section of Inkwell Isle IV, you will see a graveyard with nine headstones. Feel free to talk to the NPC standing to the right of the graveyard. It just gives you a hint of what you need to solve the puzzle, which is the broken relic and the climbers dialogue.

The climbers would give you clues in the form of a riddle. Unfortunately, you may not have the same clues or solution as we do. In fact, the two of us here at GameSpot who played the DLC before it was released had entirely different clues and solutions. You must press the action button in front of a tombstone to make a ghost appear. The central tombstone is not part of the puzzle, so you are left with eight possible choices. You need to call the ghosts not only to the right places, but in the right order.

The logic to solve the puzzle is the same regardless of the clues you have. Pay attention to the indications mentioned in their summaries.

For example, here are the clues and the solution to the puzzles in one of our playthroughs:

  • 1st place: There’s no way the others caught me! I left ’em in the dust!
  • 2nd place: I At the bottom lefttown in a hurry, and I forgot my gear. I’ll settle for the second.
  • 3rd place: Worse than last year! Down in third place.


  • 1st place: Middle row, left marker
  • 2nd place: Bottom row, left marker
  • 3rd place: Bottom row, middle marker


  • 1st place: You start in the middle, and the only direction mentioned is left. So you stay in the center row and choose the left tombstone.
  • 2nd place: We work on the left side again, but this time we also have to go down. So the bottom left corner is where we want to be.
  • 3rd place: The only clue we get here is the bottom, which means we can stay in the middle and choose the middle tombstone on the bottom row.

Unlock Cursed Relic

After correctly grabbing the solution, a glowing aura will rise from the central tombstone. You’ll be asked if you want to take a nap, which will start a new boss fight.

You can only complete this challenge once. It is not replayable. That said, diehard Cuphead fans should complete it. Once you are victorious, the Shattered Relic will turn into a Cursed Relic.

Unlock Divine Relic

The cursed relic is a unique charm. Every time you stop shooting, your weapon turns into another random weapon. So that means when you dash, parry, or pause for any reason, your projectiles will change. You must be comfortable with all weapons to effectively use the cursed relic. And you also need to think more carefully about your dashes and parries. The cursed relic has another pesky quirk: it drops your HP to 1 at the start of every battle.

But it’s definitely worth getting used to the cursed relic, because you can turn it into a divine relic. To do this, you need to beat seven bosses on Regular or Expert difficulty with the Cursed Relic equipped. Any seven bosses. We recommend returning to Island I to clear some of the easier bosses first. After meeting the requirement, an achievement/trophy will appear and the cursed relic will become the divine relic.

Divine Relic still changes your weapon when you stop shooting, but you will have normal HP at the start of each boss fight.

Summon Djimmi for more health

If you’re having trouble beating seven bosses with the cursed relic, remember that you can summon Djimmi the Great an unlimited number of times if you’ve completed the campaign. On the overworld map, spin in tight circles for a few seconds to summon the genie. After summoning it, you will start each boss with an extra health point, even when using the cursed relic. Starting with 2HP gives you some leeway. Remember that you will have to summon the genie again after beating a boss to get the extra health point again for your next fight.

Editor’s note: article updated on July 6, 2022

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