Disabled children bullied as ‘transphobic’ for not using desired pronouns

Children, including those with disabilities, are being labeled “transphobic” by their schools and bullied by their peers for not using cutting-edge new language.

A parent campaign organization in Scotland has alleged that primary school children were being bullied by their classmates for not using the preferred pronouns of allegedly ‘transgender’ individuals.

Schools across the country are also accused of being active in castigating children who fail to meet progressive transgender standards, a claim that echoes previous reports from primary and secondary schools in England.

According The temperatureparenting group Safeguarding Our Schools (SOS) Scotland alleges children are ostracized by their peers for not referring to classmates using the correct pronouns, which they say has resulted in at least one incident of child who self-harms.

The report also gives the example of a child with a learning disability that affects his working memory suffering at the hands of his peers after failing to correctly use a peer’s preferred pronouns.

“When he made a mistake and misinterpreted another student, he had to deal with hostility from that student and disapproval from the teacher,” said the child’s parent – who is listed as suffering of dyslexia.

SOS Scotland reportedly tried to arrange a meeting with RespectMe, Scotland’s anti-bullying service, over the issue, but the meeting was canceled after the nature of the group’s concerns came to light.

RespectMe is reportedly run in part by LGBT NGO Youth Scotland, whose website has resources on “trans inclusion”, including a multilingual panel for teachers to list their favorite pronouns.

The allegations listed by SOS Scotland are reminiscent of similar alleged incidents in England involving primary and secondary school children, with pupils being singled out by classmates and teachers for their alleged disregard for transgender people.

For example, an elementary school in the far south of the country allegedly informed the parents of a six-year-old child that their child would be called “transphobic” if he continued to fail to understand that another child in his class was assumed to be “gender fluid”.

The incident eventually led to the parents withdrawing their child, along with his older brother, from school, although the family still felt hostility from their local community after the event.

Meanwhile, a secondary school teenager was also allegedly bullied outside her school late last year after she openly challenged transgender ideology.

Having at one point allegedly been surrounded by around 60 of her peers, spat on and called ‘nazi, bigot, fascist, transphobic, homophobic, racist, c**t’, the alleged bullying allegedly led the teenager to commit acts of self-harm.

Reports of the incidents sparked outrage on social media, with longtime critic of transgender ideology JK Rowling writing it was “totally shameful”.

“Add this to the tottering pile of evidence that people in education and academia who are supposed to have a duty of care to young people have succumbed to an outbreak of quasi-religious bigotry,” the Harry Potter author continued.

“The girl’s crime?” Say “sex exists”.

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