Eagles look better than Cowboys in NFC East

Despite a quick start to the playoffs, the Philadelphia Eagles The 2021-22 season is considered by many to be a resounding success.

The team was trampled by Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the first round, but even getting to the playoffs were a pleasant surprise for the Philadelphia faithful.

Their playoff push came in large part from Jalen Hurts, who led the team through a late-season streak that included six wins in its last seven contests to slip into the playoffs.

Hurts became one of two QBs to throw for at least 3,000 yards (3,144) and rush for at least 750 (784). He also ranked second among quarterbacks in rushing yards per game (52.3) and fourth in broken tackle rate (6.5%).

Hurts’ committed work ethic gives Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni confidence that he can guide his team to a second consecutive playoff appearance in 2022. And according to Pro Football Focus, the list of Eagles are in the top 10 in terms of talent.

The outlet wrote, “If they don’t have the best offensive line in the NFL for the 2022 season, the Eagles are top of the list, [but] security remains a potential defense weakness. While the Eagles have done a good job of bolstering this roster over the past year, they will only go as far as Jalen Hurts takes them.”

Eagles ranked most talented team in NFC East

Eagles ranked most talented team in NFC East

Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe discuss whether Jalen Hurts and the Eagles are a threat to the Cowboys.

For avid Cowboys fan Skip Bayless, Hurts poses a huge threat to their NFC East hopes. Dallas ranked 16th in PFF’s roster rankings.

“The thing is, can my quarterback [Dak Prescott] go up a level from last year when he made $75 million and slumped during the season?” he said of Dallas on Tuesday’s ‘Undisputed.’ Will Zeke [Elliott] on a do-or-die year? The Eagles roster is just better than the Cowboys.

“It’s like the margin between Jalen Hurts and Dak Prescott is shrinking all year. Dak was up there to start [the season], and Jalen Hurts just started to get a little better, and a little better, and a little better. Then the Eagles make the playoffs. Don’t you think that created momentum in this franchise?”

According to Bayless, while pure throwing mechanics might not be Hurts’ forte, he just has that “it” factor.

“As far as the intangibles take an NFL quarterback, so will he go,” Bayless pointed out. “He’s got high intangibles, leadership and game play, not pure throwing intangibles. I don’t see a Pro Bowl in the future, but I just have respect for him. He scares me to death. He did throw after throw, after throw in Oklahoma, and obviously he can get mixed up in some races. They say pound for pound, he’s the strongest guy in the weight room.

Shannon Sharpe, on the other hand, wasn’t as convinced of Hurts’ potential to guide Philly to greater success.

“Games are going to come down to points where you have to throw shots,” Sharpe said.

“In both league games, the quarterbacks made pitches. You’re not always going to win by 14, 17, 21. It’s going to be a tight ball game. And the difference in this ball game is a second, third Jalen Hurts can he do that consistently at a level that the best quarterbacks can?

“You have to show me. If Jalen Hurts comes out this year and kicks the ball with consistency and precision, I’ll come out and say ‘I was wrong, I misjudged him.’ So far, no.”

Philadelphia is ranked ahead of Dallas on paper heading into the 2022-23 campaign, but both teams come in 0-0. Can Philly achieve its projections?

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