Final Fantasy fan accidentally makes an actual Tonberry knife

The iconic Final Fantasy the franchise continues to excite fans with upcoming games such as the recently revealed Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth and Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion. One of the most recognizable enemies of Final Fantasy 7 and the main series is the formidable Tonberry. A Final Fantasy fan unwittingly crafted a weapon Tonberries are known to wield with devastating effects.

Blackberries are among the most dangerous enemies in the world. Final Fantasy series. Introduced in Final Fantasy 5, the Tonberry would become a staple foe in the series alongside the Malboro and Cactuar. In fact, different variations of the Tonberry exist such as the Master Tonberry or the Tonberry King. A Tonberry normally wields a knife that ignores defense and a lantern that casts deadly spells like Doom and Gloom. In Final Fantasy 7 RemakeTonberries can cast the spell Tantrum, which instantly kills characters that have dealt the most damage to it.


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Reddit user u/scarysamcary posted an image of a kitchen knife eerily similar to the deadly knife Tonberries wields. The user created the kitchen knife, but doesn’t cook much, so the design wasn’t based on anything in particular. However, u/scarysamcary is a fan of Final Fantasy series and immediately noticed the similarities between the kitchen knife and a Tonberry knife. In the comments section of the Reddit post, u/scarysamcary said, “When it was done I recognized it wanted to be a Tonberry knife.”

Fellow Reddit users praised the creation for its uncanny resemblance to a Tonberry knife from Final Fantasy. Many recognize the lethality of a Tonberry knife from experience playing through a number of Final Fantasy Games. On the other hand, some users wonder how such a knife was created since the attempt to imitate the Tonberry knife was a coincidence.

Although unintended, the kitchen knife captures the mystique of the Tonberry outside of a Final Fantasy Game. Fan creations like the Tonberry Knife are highlights of the Final Fantasy community enjoyment of all facets related to the iconic Japanese RPG series. The excitement around the Final Fantasy is a positive source of creativity for fans who eagerly await the next episodes.

Games such as Final Fantasy 7 Revival and Final Fantasy 16 are still in development, but fans can expect the Tonberry to reappear. As a popular base enemy, the Tonberry provides a fun challenge and rewards for those skilled enough to take one down. Square Enix will likely create some tough enemies to fight in the next few Final Fantasy titles like the memorable Tonberry.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion releases this winter on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

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Source: r/FinalFantasy

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