Former House speaker slammed for saying Kamala Harris couldn’t be speaker because she had a ‘really weird laugh’

Former Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich has come under fire for saying Vice President Kamala Harris can’t be president because she has a “really weird laugh.”

Mr. Gingrich appeared on fox and friends on Fox News Monday morning to participate in a discussion on a Washington Post article analyzing the top 10 Democratic presidential candidates of 2024.

Incumbent Speaker Joe Biden is ranked number one, with Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg second and Ms Harris third.

“Just as Biden appears to be the most unpopular president at this point in his first term since Harry S Truman, [Ms Harris] is one of the most unpopular modern vice presidents at this point,”The post office Noted.

“I think incumbent presidents have huge advantages,” said Gingrich, 79. “And even in the case of Truman…in a very weak position, Truman was a dominant figure in his party.”

“Harris says a huge challenge. Her laugh is really weird,” he added. “I know that sounds petty. But as human beings, if you look at her for a while, you just think she can’t be president. I mean, we have a president who has cognitive difficulties, but having a president who is just weird?”

Former Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich watches as Republican gubernatorial candidate David Perdue speaks during a campaign event on March 29, 2022 in Marietta, Georgia

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“So I think new people want to merge. My favorite is Tom Cruise… If Trump can get out of real estate to become president, why can’t Cruise get out of Superior gun become president? he said.

A White House official said staffers who are “much younger” than Mr Biden “have to fight to keep up with him” because he works late nights and “never takes a day off, wherever that may be.” ‘there be,’ according to ABC News.

“We see him throwing himself into the hardest parts of the job,” the manager added.

Twitter users were quick to criticize Mr. Gingrich for his comments.

“How many times has @newtgingrich been elected president? Newt is a has-been! John Monaghan wrote.

“A very unserious failed presidential candidate is salty about the success of the current vice president,” said one Twitter user.

Mr. Gingrich sought the Republican nomination in 2012, withdrawing from the race in May of that year and backing eventual nominee Mitt Romney.

“Stupidity is the reason he will never be president. Lots of jealousy,” another account holder said.

“But he had no problem with the fact that the porn star pays off, repeatedly goes bankrupt, steals from charities, owns a fraudulent university, is either a racist or the coup leader,” said one. third Twitter user.

“Well @newtgingrich has a really weird lack of morality,” Amy Roark added.

David Darmofal said Mr Gingrich’s comments were an example of “misogynousness” and that “far too many Democrats – who speak out whenever their favorite white female politician is criticized, even legitimately – don’t speak out against this fierce campaign against it”.

“Yeah! The silence is remarkable and confusing. Noted the same silence from some prominent women’s groups. For those with a keen eye for observation, the same silence was noticeable when unjust attacks were initially launched against FLOTUS Obama . Why?” a Twitter user replied.

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