‘Furries’ and Soros-linked NGOs parade at ‘Trans Pride’

NGO activists, anti-capitalists and Soros-linked furries reportedly marched through Dublin on Saturday to ‘assert’ their pro-transgender ‘truth’ to the people.

A variety of left-wing activists – including anti-capitalists, NGO workers and even ‘furries’ – took to the streets of Dublin on Saturday to ‘assert’ transgender views.

According to a report of a report from the Irish Independentthe protest was addressed by an activist from the Transgender Equality Network Ireland (TENI), an organization that has repeatedly found itself embroiled in financial and transparency scandals over its operations.

“Our voices, our experiences, our needs take precedence over their fear, their hatred and their division,” said the activist, who claimed that “trans” people had taken to the streets to “affirm our truth, our beauty and our strength in defiance of those who would attempt to pathologize, dehumanize and attack”.

“Trans women are women, trans men are men, and non-binary people are non-binary,” the activist also said.

Other NGOs present at the so-called “anti-capitalist” march include the National Council of Women of Ireland, Amnesty International, and the Irish Network Against Racism linked to George Soros (INAR).

People associated with the self-proclaimed “furry” community, “furries” being defined by the Vox publication as people with an “interest in anthropomorphized animals”, with some statistics also showing that many of those from this community were also represented on the photo participating in the rally. have an interest in “watching furry pornography”.

Despite apparently having the ear of the country’s current government, turnout for the event was relatively low compared to a pro-life demonstration that took place earlier in the month, with participants from the annual Rally for Life country event taking the entirety of the country O’ Connell Street, despite poor weather conditions at times.

An activist who attended the event, Niamh Uí Bhriain of the Life Institute, later criticized state media company RTÉ for not spending much time reporting on the protest, despite having already done so. effort to engage much more. airtime to a very small pro-abortion demo a few weeks prior.

“RTÉ is the public broadcaster, milking the taxpayer to the tune of 200 million euros a year so that it can continue to operate as a wing of the pro-abortion campaign,” Uí Bhriain told Breitbart Europe.

“They got over a dozen press releases and follow-up calls about the Rally for Life, they knew it was happening,” she continued. “Why should anyone pay his [TV tax] license fee for this? »

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