Highland Park shooting suspect Robert Crimo spoke about the mass shooting in Denmark hours before his own attack, his father reveals

Highland Park shooting accused Robert Crimo III spoke about the Copenhagen mall shooting on Sunday hours before the massacre in suburban Illinois at an Independence Day parade, said his father.

The gunman who killed three and injured four in the Danish capital was “an idiot”, he reportedly told his father Robert Crimo Jr.

“He goes, ‘Yeah, he’s an idiot.’ That’s what he said!” Mr. Crimo told the New York Post, recalling the conversation with his son. “People like that [commit mass shootings] to amplify people who want to ban all guns.

“I spoke to him 13 hours before [Monday’s mass shooting]. Which is why I guess I’m in such shock… Like, did he have a psychiatric break or something? »

Accused of killing seven people on July 4, Mr. Crimo confessed to police that he unleashed a hail of bullets from a rooftop in suburban Chicago and then fled to the city of Madison in the Wisconsin, where he planned to shoot an event, authorities said Wednesday.

The suspect returned to Illinois, where he was later arrested, after deciding he was not ready to carry out another attack in Wisconsin, the Major Crimes Task Force spokesperson said. of Lake County, Christopher Covelli, at a press conference Wednesday following a hearing where the 21-year-old man was denied bail.

Residents visit a memorial to the seven people who lost their lives in Highland Park


Mr. Covelli said it did not appear that the suspect had planned another attack in Wisconsin, but that he fled there, saw another Independence Day celebration and “had seriously considering” shooting it. The assailant had given up the semi-automatic rifle he used in Illinois, but he had another similar rifle and about 60 extra rounds with him, according to Covelli.

He initially evaded capture by disguising himself as a woman and blending into the fleeing crowd, police say.

Authorities and the suspect’s parents are also under fire after it emerged he was able to legally purchase a hoard of guns and obtain a state gun license in January 2020, just four months after police informed that he had threatened to “kill everyone” at his home.

His father had also sponsored the request even as he was labeled a “clear and present danger” by authorities for threatening to kill relatives in September 2019.

Officers at the scene at the time confiscated 16 knives, a dagger and a sword.

The incident was just a ‘childish outburst’, her father said The post office and the knives were “just a collection”. “You know, I collected coins and baseball cards.”

Over the next two years, he then passed four federal background checks, which allowed him to legally purchase five firearms, including two high-powered rifles, two handguns and a shotgun.

On Monday, he reportedly used one of those guns – a high-powered Smith & Wesson M&P 15 rifle – to carry out the horrific mass shooting.

“He bought it all on his own and they are registered with him,” the father said, insisting he had “no” involvement in the mass shooting.

“They make me believe that I groomed him to do all of this,” Mr. Crimo said of the criticism. “I’ve been here all my life, and I’m going to stay here, hold my head up, because I haven’t done anything wrong.”

Although the father said he would attend the hearing and was supportive of his son, he added that he wanted a ‘long sentence’ for his son.

“That’s life. You know your actions have consequences. He made a choice. He didn’t have to do that. I think there’s mental illness there, obviously… I haven’t seen many.

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