Huge “life-size” Alolan Exeggutor Pokémon spotted at Japan airport

The Pokemon Company is displaying a huge statue of Alolan Exeggutor at one of Japan’s local airports for fans to spot and visit.

It’s always interesting to see what the big video game brands like Pokemon regularly to attract the attention of his fans and his community. This explains the constant marketing campaigns, such as official announcements Pokemon partnerships with mainstream brands for themed products, and even live exhibits or life-size statues displayed in physical locations. This is probably why photos of a “life-size” statue of Alolan Exeggutor currently on display at a Japanese airport have recently surfaced online.


Although The Pokemon Company sometimes branches out to other parts of the world for its marketing campaign, it seems that the weight of Pokemon-themed events and exhibitions are mainly held in the company’s home country, Japan. More often than not, the Japanese government partners with The Pokemon Company to boost tourism to a specific location. This is why tourists often see planes or manhole covers with Pokemon designs, with some prefectures in Japan even associating themselves with a specific Pokemon as their tourism brand ambassador.

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On the Pokemon subreddit, a photo of the life-size statue of the Grass and Dragon-type Pokemon Alolan Exeggutor that was on display at a Japanese airport was shared with the community by user sdj1s17. The Redditor said the statue was spotted at Taoyuan International Airport in Taiwan in the post title. However, comments on the thread quickly corrected this stating that Japanese characters can be seen in the photo. This indicates that the Pokemon statue is indeed located in Japan, not Taiwan. Specifically, the statue is located at Miyazaki Bougainvillea Airport in Japan’s Miyazaki Prefecture.

After further research, the large statue of Alolan Exeggutor is actually part of the current tourism campaign in Miyazaki Prefecture. In 2020, Alolan Exeggutor was named one of Pokemon brand ambassadors due to the region’s warmer climate and its official prefectural tree resembling Grass and Dragon-type Pokémon. Fans will likely recall that Miyazaki Prefecture launched the Pokemon Ambassador with Exeggutor and Alolan Exeggutor themed planes hailing from the prefecture’s Miyazaki City.

For travelers who are currently in Japan, seeing the Alolan Exeggutor in transit will likely come as a pleasant surprise. This shows that these Japanese prefectures are taking their Pokemon brand ambassadors seriously and plan to use them to boost tourism in their area. Hopefully other areas of Japan with Pokemon ambassadors will follow suit and also display “life-size” statues of iconic Pokémon for fans to enjoy and take pictures.

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