Juan Soto trade, contract impacted by possible Nationals sale

Of all the options, the Nationals to deal with Juan Soto, the least likely is to sign him for a contract extension, even for more money than a player has ever been guaranteed. They know that, which is why they changed his trading status from “untouchable” to “make an offer” two weeks before the trading deadline.

Not even $440 million – a headline-grabbing sum first reported by Athleticismbut below its market value – can change this link in which Washington is. What makes Soto’s status different from similar ones of recent years involving Mookie Bets, Manny Machado and Giancarlo Stanton is that the Nationals are for sale. Soto, according to those in his camp, cannot give up the rest of his career working for a “ghost landlord”. He finds it difficult to sell his next 15 seasons (at a discount, no less) when he doesn’t know who will own it or who will be managing the team.

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