Marvel’s Spider-Man Fan Designs Impressive Costume Customization Menu

the original Marvel’s Spiderman The game features dozens of costumes for players to try on, with the majority of these costumes taken straight from the comics or movies. However, one thing Marvel’s Spiderman does not provide a costume customization feature, which many fans wish was available.

If costume customization existed in Marvel’s Spiderman, fans would be free to mix and match pieces from the game’s many costumes to create their own unique costumes. For example, the popular raised strap of the Raimi suit could be mixed with the Stark suit. Alternatively, the large white spider symbol from the advanced suit could be used on something like the Secret Wars suit. Eyes, colors, and web shooters could be other options to play with, and being able to mix and match cosmetics would surely result in a fashion community similar to what you see in games like Destiny 2. With a detailed photo mode available, many stylish screenshots of these custom suits in action could be captured and shared.


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Although it remains to be seen if this fan-requested feature will be included in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, a Reddit user named ouijajord showed off what it would look like had it been present in the original game, and the design can be viewed here. The player model shows three customizable locations, with eyes, web shooters, and spider emblems that can be adjusted. The Redditor then shares some images of the options being used, with players able to see all of the choices when they click on one of the costume pieces.

For example, the mockup shows various eye options, with players able to choose between the homemade costume lenses or the amazing spider man version of the hero’s eyes. Another photo from the menu shows fans a color slider, which would allow them to tweak their costume aesthetic even further. Even better, an option for a cartoon filter exists, allowing players to have comic and cel shaded variants of any costume they make. While this obviously isn’t an actual feature, it’s fun to see what it might look like if it did.

Unsurprisingly, the Marvel’s Spiderman The community responded well to this creation, giving ouijajord over 1,100 upvotes. In the comments, many are saying how much they’d like to see an official release of this feature in the sequel, with Awjj suggesting even more customizable pieces like gloves, pants, and shoes. ReeceReddit1234 argued that a customization system like what was seen in BioWare Anthem would be ideal, while Iamasoupenjoyer suggested alternate costumes for Spidey’s villains.

With Marvel’s Spiderman Coming to PC soon, maybe a clever modder will make this idea a reality. For now, however, fans only have access to this mockup of a costume customization mechanic.

Marvel’s Spiderman is available now on PS4 and PS5. A PC version will be released on August 12.

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Source: Reddit

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