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Minecraft AI

A clever Minecraft fan creates his own AI friend to play with

A dedicated Minecraft player shows off an AI named Bestie that they created to play with them whenever they play alone.

Vaporeon Pokemon Tattoo

Pokemon fan shows off tattoo with Vaporeon and Staryu

A Pokemon fan shows off a gorgeous tattoo he got that features both the Water-Type pocket monsters Vaporeon and Staryu.


Elden Ring Player Shows Off God of War Kratos’ Impressive Build

An Elden Ring player shows off an awesome God of War build they created, which features Kratos’ Chaos Blades and chains on his arms.

DnD lamp D20

A Dungeons and Dragons fan shows off an impressive D20 lamp

A Dungeons and Dragons fan shows off a beautiful D20 lamp they handcrafted with a full rainbow of different colors.

Fall Guys Controller

A Fall Guys fan makes a working controller that looks like one of the game’s beans

A Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout fan shows off a controller he made that is modeled after characters found in the game.

Pokemon Trubbish Regional Variant

Pokemon Fan Designs A Clever Regional Variant For Trubbish

A Pokemon fan shows off regional variants for Trubbish and Garbodor that alter the typing of the two Poison-type pocket monsters.

Pokemon Improvements

Pokemon fans discuss how they would modify certain Pokemon to make them perfect

Pokemon fans are discussing the changes that need to be made to make certain pocket monsters much better both visually and in terms of power.

Pokemon door baldur

Fan Art Shows What Pokemon Would Look Like If It Played More Like Baldur’s Gate

A Pokemon fan shows off custom artwork that gives the series the same UI and isometric view found in the Baldur’s Gate series.

Pokemon Magnemite Animation

Impressive Pokemon animation shows Magnemite evolving into Magneton

A Pokemon fan shares a very impressive video that shows the evolution process from the electric-type pocket monster Magnemite to Magneton.

Pokemon and Harry Potter

Fan Art combines Pokemon and Harry Potter

A fan of the Pokemon and Harry Potter franchises brings the two together by mixing the anime’s Ash Ketchum with the boy wizard.

Pokemon Real Life Mimikyu

AI Image Generator Shows What Ghost-Type Pokemon Mimikyu Would Look Like In Real Life

An AI image generator creates realistic images of the ghost-type Pokémon Mimikyu, showing how terrifying it is in real life.

Pokemon Eevee Cupcake

A Pokémon fan bakes an adorable Eevee cupcake

A Pokemon fan shares a video of them making a giant but adorable pocket monster Eevee cupcake to celebrate their birthday.

Pokemon lucario drawing 2

Pokemon Fan Makes Awesome Lucario Drawing

A Pokemon fan shows off a beautiful drawing of the Fighting/Steel-Type pocket monster Lucario which also features its pre-evolution form, Riolu.

Changes in Pokemon Elite 4

A Pokémon fan has an idea to shake up the Elite 4

A Pokemon fan shares his interesting insight on how the Elite 4 may change for future installments of the historic franchise.

Betrayed Skyrim

Hilarious clip from Skyrim shows the player being betrayed by J’Zargo

An Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim player shows a clip of them falling off an edge after being pushed by their follower Khajiit J’Zargo.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Lechonk Rug

Pokemon Fan Makes Impressive Lechonk Rug

A Pokemon fan shares a rug of Lechonk, one of the new pocket monsters that will debut in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet later this year.

Street Fighter 6 Ryu Theme

Street Fighter 6 Reveals New Theme Music For Ryu

Capcom is releasing Ryu’s new theme song for players to hear in-game when Street Fighter 6 officially releases next year.

Pokemon Player Managed Gyms

Pokemon Fans Want To Run Their Own Gyms After Beating The Elite 4

A Pokemon fan shares an interesting idea involving players being able to run their own Gyms after completing a game’s main story.

Elden Ring Gideon Bug

New Elden Ring bug causes Gideon to die extremely quickly

A player in the Elden Ring shows a bug that causes boss Sir Gideon Ofnir to die after being hit by the same spell twice in a row.

Skyrim's NPC flies away

Bizarre clip from Skyrim shows Falion flying away in the middle of a conversation

An Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim player features an encounter with Falion that shows the mage flying away in the middle of a conversation.

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