Miles Morales Fan Points Out Amazing Peter Parker Detail

While playing Spider-Man: Miles Morales, a player uses Photo Mode to spot an impressive detail on Peter Parker’s character model.

Just like its predecessor, Spider-Man: Miles Morales is a gorgeous game full of detail for fans to enjoy. Recently, a Spider-Man: Miles Morales fan found a little twist that should prove especially cool for fans of Peter Parker, the original Spider-Man.

Whereas Spider-Man: Miles Morales is Miles’ own story, Peter’s presence is felt throughout the game. Although he is only physically present at the beginning and end of the adventure, he constantly calls to check on Miles and see how his friend handles the role of Spider-Man. Training missions are another way to include Peter, the hero telling Miles stories about his past crime-fighting adventures and encounters with real-life super-villains. However, there is another way Peter appears.


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Towards the end of Spider-Man: Miles Morales, players experience a flashback that sheds light on the connection between Miles and The Tinkerer, the game’s villain. ​– Miles having no idea what influence the former would have on his life. Seeing Peter and Doc Ock together is also a great way to illustrate how close they were, with many fans loving the flashback because of these cameos. However, Redditor hakusa11 shared an image showing that most players missed a tidy secret while playing this level.

If players use Spider-Man: Miles Morales‘ during the “Like Real Scientists” mission to zoom in on Peter’s character model closely, they can spot web shooters hidden under his sleeves. It’s a great touch that shows just how smart Peter is, with the wall-crawler always ready to spring into action if something goes wrong. Many fans were quick to praise Insomniac Games for including the web shooters, as few gamers would ever notice them.

This discovery will surely spark more talk of a Peter Parker skin, which is something fans have been wanting for a while. Whether Insomniac will add one remains to be seen, however. Not only does this go directly against the concept of a secret identity, but it would likely require a lot of work from the studio, as it would require adding new facial animations when Peter gets injured in battle. Still, these hidden web shooters exemplify the effort Insomniac is willing to put into even the little things, so maybe such a skin will come eventually.

With Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 being exclusive to the PS5, Insomniac can fully leverage the power of the console to deliver a true next-gen experience. As a result, fans might be in store for a detail-packed game like this.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales is available now on PS4 and PS5.

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