New details and trailer revealed for Trigun: Stampede

The recent announcement of Trigun: Stampede has certainly been big news in the anime world, and the new series is expected to be one of the biggest events of the year. Returning to the world of classic manga with a surprisingly new art style and the full involvement of original creator Yasuhiro Nightow, new project details were shown at Anime Expo which reveal that Trigun: Stampede will take the franchise in an exciting new direction.

At “Trigun: Stampede: Lock and Load!” panel, held on Saturday night at Anime Expo, Yasuhiro Nightow was greeted with fanfare alongside fellow concept artist Kouji Tajima and anime producers Kiyotaka Waki ​​and Yoshihiro Watanabe or Studio Orange, as well as Katsuhiro Takei of Toho Animation.As the studio behind the acclaimed CGI anime, including BEASTARS and Land of the ShiningOrange is specially equipped to make the setting of Trigun in a new way.


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The producers on the panel mentioned that rendering the aesthetics of the original 2D animation into CGI technology is of utmost importance to them, and that the styling of both the original Trigun manga and anime as well as classic Disney 2D animation have been huge inspirations in adapting the world to this new medium. Likewise, the producers point out that this technology is intended to facilitate a sort of throwback to classic 80s and 90s action anime, capturing the grit and essence of classics like cowboy bebop and ghost in the shellnot to mention the original Trigun himself. As for Nightow, he mentioned that the biggest essence of this new series is bringing cinematic feel, citing Hollywood cinema and a post-pandemic quest for “pure entertainment” as inspirations for a new octane-fueled adventure.

After showing some promotional artwork, the real highlight of the panel began: an official trailer for the new series. First airing to massive applause from the convention hall, the new trailer has since been released by Crunchyroll:

From this trailer, it’s obvious that the new series will involve some new information about Vash the Stampede’s origins. While many plot details are being kept under wraps at this time, the dynamic between Vash, Knives, and Rem is a major driving force. Far from being a remake or reboot of the original series, Trigun: Stampede is said by the creators to take things in a whole new direction and show a whole new side to the world of Trigun. More details are expected to be revealed soon, and the creators have even approved press interviews for more information at Anime Expo.

The crowd at Anime Expo was thrilled. The “Lock and Load!” The panel ended with a triumphant and impromptu chanting of the famous mantra: “Love and Peace!” What other end could be more appropriate?

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