Pokemon Fan Creates Awesome Poke Ball Shadow Box Art

A Pokemon fan creates an impressive shadow box showcasing the many types of Poke Balls featured in the long-running franchise.

In more than 25 years of existence, Pokemon has become an established force in pop culture. Just about everyone is at least familiar with the monster collecting and training franchise, with arguably the most identifiable item being the Poke Ball. The iconic tool is a feature of the series, and one fan decided to pay homage to them by creating an awesome Poke Ball shadow box.

Used as a means of catching and storing Pokemon, the device is easily one of the most recognizable fictional objects in existence. The importance of Pokemon and his Poke Balls appear to be a point of pride for his native Japan, with the Japanese Foreign Minister gifting the President of Chile with a Poke Ball containing a Pokemon stuffed inside during an official state visit between the two nations.


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With the franchise now spanning nine generations, dozens of games, and over two decades of history, there have been quite a few different Poke Balls created, all of which have specific attributes and uses. Pretty much all of these different Poke Balls are on display courtesy of Reddit user u/Gexuality. The shaded area displays all of the major bullet types featured in Pokemon, all in a classic pixelated look. In addition to the Poke Balls, the illustration cleverly incorporates a speech bubble with an appropriate phrase, in addition to using the background by making it the Poke Ball menu screen.

The creative artwork is clearly a hit with fans online, garnering hundreds of likes while filling the comments section with purchase requests. While the shadow zone is impressive, another Pokemon fan took his love for the various Poke Balls in the series one step further. This particular Pokemon fan took on the task of knitting every Poke Ball in real life. The fan posted a photo of a stack of crocheted Poke Balls a while ago, with their collection totaling 10 different types so far. Although due for an update, the work has so far impressed thousands of fans.

With a lot of pokemons Poke Balls have been around for a few years, calls for new ideas with them have started to grow among some fans. Deciding that current ball types have become “dull and dull”, a fan suggests a new type of Poke Ball called Type Ball. Basically, the way it would work is that the outside of the ball would change color depending on the type of Pokemon stored inside, with dual-type Pokemon Poke Balls being two-color. The type symbol would also be present, offering a much more colorful version of the traditional Poke Balls.

While the Type Ball is certainly an interesting prospect, it’s unlikely to become canon anytime soon. However, with the next video game entry in the franchise pokemon scarlet and Purple leaked new system and gadget details, there’s a chance Pokemon fans might get a new kind of Poke Ball sooner than they think.

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