Schools Issue Parental Warnings Over Poppy Playtime’s Huggy Wuggy Fears

In late 2021, the first chapter of a quirky survival horror game called poppy play time launched and was a surprising hit that started making the rounds on YouTube and Twitch gaming channels. In the wake of the enduring fervor created by the 2014s Five nights at Freddy’s and its sinister animatronics, poppy play time also featured malevolent toys whose goals were not to befriend the player character.

Similar to Five nights at Freddy’s, MOB Games set out to turn a boring real-life job into an entertaining horror fest by placing players in the role of a former toy factory employee who returns to the now-abandoned building after the mysterious disappearance of staff. One of the first things the player encounters upon entering the building is Huggy Wuggy, an absolutely unsettling “toy” with razor-sharp teeth and a gigantic grin that can scare even the most loyal horror game aficionado. .


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Like the terrifying Momo sculpture that became the centerpiece of a so-called internet challenge a few years ago, Huggy Wuggy has become the new mascot for schoolyard hijackings that can have lasting negative effects on a child’s mental health. a young child. Children imitated blue horror at school, scaring and potentially even traumatizing their peers. Things have gotten so bad that some schools in the UK have even warned parents to let their children watch videos featuring the disturbing blue creature.

Part of the problem is that the name Huggy Wuggy sounds pretty innocuous and therefore slips through various parental controls. The reality, however, according to mental health officials, is that poppy play time‘s Huggy Wuggy can cause real terror in some children. The Suicide Awareness and Mental Health Initiative released a statement saying parents are “urged not to let their children watch the terrifying Tik Tok and YouTube videos of the stuffed killer”.

Prior to this latest schools alert, police in the UK and US had also issued warnings about poppy play time and Huggy Wuggy in particular, stating that the blue toy sang songs about murder. However, although scary, Huggy Wuggy does not sing songs in Poppy play time. Third-party videos have been created which feature the sharp-toothed toy singing a song with the lyrics, “I might just kiss you here, forever, forever, until you breathe your last breath.” These creations have become ubiquitous on social media video platforms and are now considered official by many. poppy play time traditions.

It is important for parents to realize that poppy play time, although they are toys, not intended for children. In the US, the indie game doesn’t have an ESRB rating at all, but it’s rated PEGI 12 in the UK, which means it’s inappropriate for children under 12. The PEGI description also indicates that games with this rating could contain “unrealistic violence towards human-like characters”.

poppy play time is currently available on Mobile and PC.

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