Skyrim Multiplayer Mod gets a facelift and will launch soon

There are some games like Mojang’s Minecraft and Bethesda Skyrim which have been around for over 10 years and are still as popular as the day they were released. Part of the reason for the incredible longevity of these video games is their expansive worlds that never feel fully explored and the limitless creativity they inspire in players.

In Skyrim, this inventiveness is expressed through the plethora of mods developed by the community. Almost anything gamers can imagine, there is a Skyrim mod for it – fixing notorious title bugs, adding quality of life tweaks, improving textures, or adding hot dog and burger stands. There are mods to spin Skyrim in star wars, Red Dead Redemption 2and even bring areas of Morrowwind like Sheogorad and Bleakrock in the game.


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A Skyrim The mod called Skyrim Together had been in development for years before progress stalled in 2019 when the developers of Skyrim Script Extender discovered that the mod team was using their code without permission. Since then, the mod has been redeveloped and restructured to bring co-op and multiplayer capabilities to Steam. Skyrim Special edition. Now dubbed Skyrim Together Reborn, the revamped version of the add-on will launch on July 8.

Skyrim Together does exactly what the name suggests and allows 2-8 players to enjoy the game together. There’s even a PvP mode, although it’s disabled by default. The host player creates the party and is responsible for interacting with NPCs and looting quest items, and as they progress through a quest, progress is recorded for each member of the party. It is also advised by the Skyrim Together development team that the same player serve as the host throughout the game.

As a non-host party member, players can slay monsters and quest bosses, clear dungeons, and solve puzzles. All Skyrim quests, NPCs, dragons, and monsters are fully synced across all players, including animations, death states, and locations. Chest items, NPC inventories, pickpocketing, lockpicking, and dropped items are also synced, and for this reason pause in most menus has been disabled. However, random encounters like Hunters, Prisoners, and Couriers may not appear in everyone’s world.

The development team also warns that, as a fairly complex expansion that syncs multiple player progress, Skyrim Together can potentially be buggy and also sometimes crash. The add-on’s compatibility with other mods has also not been thoroughly tested, so the team advises disabling other mods first. Skyrim Together is also still a work in progress, and modders plan to implement additional features in the future, such as weather synchronization between players and the addition of map markers. Despite the limitations, the ability to play Skyrim between friends may be worth it for some fans.

Skyrim Anniversary Edition is currently available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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