Solo tweet from EA sparks internal controversy for publisher

The fallout from Electronic Art’s attempt at a Twitter trend leads to internal meetings with angry executives at its single-player game studios.

When a company decides to have fun on its social media, it tends to take more subdued approaches to a joke or a meme. When Electronic Arts tackled a trend, it stirred more emotions than she could imagine. The attempted tweet “They’re a 10 but…” caused derision not only among fans but also among his employees. There have been few brand tweets as spectacular as Electronic Arts’ take on the latest social media trend and reports indicate that the fallout from the tweet has made waves internally at the company.


EA’s tweet took a swipe at gamers who play single-player games and sparked anger online as fans and developers working on games for EA took offense to the idea that single-player games are a demotion. USA Today and Kotaku reported that EA’s single-player game developers and executives were outraged by the tweet. The feeling is that it downplayed their contributions to the business and felt like a second tier to their microtransaction-filled multiplayer games like FifaApex Legends, Madden, The Sims, and others. Screenshots from one of EA’s Slack channels obtained by USA Today showed employee displeasure with the tweet hours after it aired.

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Even though Twitter moved quickly, there were roundtables within Electronic Arts involving executives and other single-player games staff who were angry that the tweet came out, apparently without thinking of its other studios. or EA’s history with single-player games. . EA attempted to acknowledge the tweet, and it was discussed internally that solo studio social media managers would have their chance to poke fun at the tweet. This plan quickly fell apart when the social media managers pulled out.

It was revealed in meetings with insulted studio executives that the people running EA’s large Twitter account weren’t inherently people in the gaming industry or were very new to the industry and weren’t maybe unaware of past EA reviews. They also did not communicate with the other social media managers for the brands under the EA banner. So when this tweet came out, all of the other studios were caught off guard and, unsurprisingly, had no interest in participating in damage control tweets afterwards.

EA offers fantastic single-player experiences like Star Wars: Fallen Order of the Jedi under its award-nominated banner, and the following Star Wars: Jedi Survivor is currently in development. The tweet undermined the efforts of developers at BioWare, Respawn, and others who are working to build single-player games and diversify EA’s games outside of its annual sports and racing titles and struggling people. Battlefield franchise.

It’s a moment that will go down in the social media history of corporate tweets gone wrong. Companies have seen brands like Arby’s and Wendy’s nail have a personality on social media and want the chance to show a fun side. But it was done with years of building that persona online. A random tweet like this from Electronic Arts, with its history of bashing single-player games, has only made the company social media’s “villain of the day” and caused unnecessary distractions for its developers. who worked there.

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Source: USA Today

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