State exams contained ‘propaganda’ pushing BLM and ‘white privilege’

A populist politician in Ireland has slammed the country’s state exams as containing ‘pure propaganda’ after students were handed handouts promoting Black Lives Matter and concepts like ‘White Privilege’ and ‘Micro-Aggressions’ “.

Hermann Kelly, the chairman of the eurosceptic Irish Freedom Party, on Tuesday criticized two national exams administered in Ireland as containing “pure propaganda” that is “only worthy of a communist state”.

Pupils taking the Politics and Society subject as part of the Irish Leaving Certificate exams – an exam process similar to the English A-Level system, which largely determines which universities a high school graduate can go to – have received material praising BLM and promoting the concepts of “White Privilege” and “Micro-Aggressions”.

Divided into two different levels – higher and ordinary – in a bid to assess students of different subject skills, the two national exams held earlier this week contain material pushing concepts frequently associated with the far left.

For example, in the Ordinary Level test, students had to examine two sources and answer questions about ‘undocumented’ (illegal) migrants.

The first source was an infographic entitled “Live Here, Work Here, Belong Here” published by Migrant Rights Center Ireland, containing various statistics regarding illegal immigration to Ireland.

The second source was an adapted excerpt from a leftist publication The newspaperwhich contained suggestions that a near-blanket amnesty for illegal migrants currently in effect in the country might not go far enough.

Among the host of questions students were asked to answer about these documents, students were asked to “describe a citizenship project you could undertake, based on organizing an event to raise awareness of the plight of migrants without papers in Ireland”.

Other notable questions in the paper include Question A

The latter was linked to another graphic referencing the Black Lives Matter movement.

The Higher Level Exam had a similar tone to the Ordinary Level Exam, with students being asked to review two papers, the first of which dealt with “white privilege” and “microaggressions”.

The second document was another infographic, this time from the Irish Network Against Racism linked to George Soros and the NGO’s so-called iReport racism reporting system.

The latter document was also listed as having been written by Dr Lucy Michael, a major ‘anti-racist’ academic in Ireland who was embroiled in a scandal after she was recorded speaking to an undercover Conservative journalist in the country who posed as a member of “Antifa” at the time.

Questioned by the undercover journalist of The Burkean if she was ‘okay to get potentially physical with’ the so-called ‘far right’ and ‘do… what needs to be done’, she replied she ‘wouldn’t say no’, the academic describing her also “professional” [and] personal opinion” as distinct.

The students also answered a host of questions on the subject of climate change, including one on how the Irish government should interpret poll results on ‘energy and fuel tax increases’.

Speaking to Breitbart Europe about the controversial exams, veteran Brexit campaigner and former Irish schoolteacher Hermann Kelly slammed the papers, saying they were “clearly not about education and debate, but the regurgitation of ‘a worldview and value system shaped by cultural Marxism’.

“This is pure propaganda far beyond the Richter scale, and worthy of a single communist state,” said the former professor of science, math, classical studies and religious education in secondary.

“All the far-left shibboleths are in there,” continued the chairman of the Irish Freedom Party. “Class struggle, climate action, gender ideology, pro-EU empire, mass immigration… The most outrageous section is the Migrant Rights Centre’s flattering investigation into people living in Ireland illegally, what it calls the “ illegal immigrant “.

“The state uses the education system to mold the minds of impressionable, idealistic teenagers to become servants of Big Government and compliant repeaters of the ‘latest things,’ whether trans rights or BLM when he arrives from the United States,” Kelly said. to conclude.

“Parents must oppose the infiltration of this material into the school curriculum. Parents, not the state, are responsible for their child’s education. It is time for them to take this task seriously.

Disclaimer: The author of this article previously served as Chief Project Coordinator of The Burkeanand was involved in the Irish Antifa 2020 Project Brief mentioned above.

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