The Last of Us 2 video is an explosive reminder of the usefulness of trap mines

The Last of Us combat gives players tons of creative options, and one fan recently celebrated the 4th of July with explosive creativity.

the last of us 2 takes the action-adventure of the original to new heights with many more diverse options for players to consider in gameplay. In the original, Joel’s grabs and punches are rarely encouraged when a mob of infected are around, and the level designs are intimately restrictive with few resources at the player’s disposal.

In The last of us sequel, however, the environments are a bit more open, and there are new traversal and stealth options for players to consider, especially with the use of crafted explosives. The last of us featured stud bombs and smoke bombs for a unique effect, but now a player has shown how effective trap mines can be in the last of us 2 when placed in the correct places before the start of an encounter.


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Redditor u/ChimpJuice shares gameplay footage from the last of us 2, which they say celebrates the 4th of July. In it, ChimpJuice has meticulously planted trap mines in nearby areas of Seattle’s dilapidated parking lot, where Ellie first encounters the Seraphites. The sequence begins with Ellie throwing a Molotov onto an exposed, raised level of the parking lot, where a car and a fire can be seen. On impact, the Molotov triggers a series of planted trap mines to detonate, causing them all to burst in succession in large eruptions of smoke.

The footage then shifts to a Seraphite encounter in the last of us 2 this happens shortly after, where Ellie is rocked by a bigger scar wielding a hammer. But before control can even be returned to the player, the Scar steps on a previously planted trap mine and is dismembered, landing on the counter they threw through Ellie. Other Scars are then heard hissing at each other and attempting to sneak into the room, but also run into trap mines.

The player’s excessive Trap Mine setup proves useful, and when the final Scar triggers a mine, it detonates another set of mines in a chain reaction across the room, showing just how many the player must have needed to craft and place unsuspecting enemies. crash into. ChimpJuice images also use the last of us 2The exceptional accessibility features of in order to stylishly render the game’s character models in the graphic filter, accentuating and outlining them as if they were in a graphic novel or in cel-shaded.

Whatever aesthetic filter is used, this footage is a fantastic showcase of how creative fans can get when it comes to the last of us 2is a diverse fight. Because The last of us part 1 will provide an overhaul of combat and gameplay, more like Part 2 that way, it’ll be interesting to see how many other ways players can approach encounters in the remake.

the last of us 2 is now available on PS4.

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