Useful List Details All PC Games Exclusive Game Pass

A very detailed spreadsheet created by a member of the Xbox Game Pass community makes sorting through the entire catalog incredibly easy.

Xbox Game Pass is home to hundreds of titles spanning both PC and Xbox consoles, and navigating the seemingly endless list of games can be tricky. Thanks to the tireless efforts of a Redditor, the entire Xbox Game Pass catalog has been converted into an Excel spreadsheet that makes browsing through the different categories extremely easy.

Xbox Game Pass is Microsoft’s subscription service that provides access to a generous number of playable titles on PC and Xbox. Since the launch of Xbox Game Pass in 2017, the catalog has grown to include hundreds of titles across all genres, with a rotating list of games available each month. Rather than shell out $60 for the latest AAA titles, Game Pass users pay a monthly subscription for unlimited playtime with the service’s ever-growing collection. Xbox Game Pass also includes EA Play, a similar service operated by EA that includes tons of AAA titles. This form of subscription model has proven to be extremely effective as many players end up saving hundreds of dollars.


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Since Xbox Game Pass includes both PC and Xbox console exclusive games, the need to easily categorize and browse the catalog is obvious. In an effort to make the browsing process as informed as possible, Redditor and Xbox Game Pass community moderator ABattleVet has put together an extremely handy spreadsheet viewable online via Google Sheets. The list is color-coded and includes a number of informative categories such as release date, Metacritic rating, platform, and genre. The list also features a tab for EA Play’s catalog of free games, showing both currently available titles and discontinued titles.

A similar list was created by Redditor RagnarLorth that encompasses both the NA and EU versions of PlayStation Now’s free-to-play catalog. Similar to the Xbox Game Pass Master List, the PlayStation Now Master List displays a detailed, color-coded list of free games exclusive to the PlayStation service. Release date, system, and Metacritic ratings are listed for each game, and color codes make it easy to see the game’s Metacritic rating at a glance. 834 games are present in the main PlayStation Now list and more than 1,100 titles are listed in the main Xbox Game Pass list.

With regular games free on the Epic Games Store every week and hundreds of titles available through affordable subscription services like Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Now, PC and console gamers enjoy entertainment at a very low price compared to previous years when every game had to be purchased for its full value. As subscription services continue to fight for gamers’ attention, these catalogs will likely continue to grow in order to attract new subscribers.

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Source: Xbox Game Pass Master List, Reddit

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