WWE 2K22 is already on sale at a bargain price

WWE 2K22 just arrived in March, but green man game already lists the game with a huge price reduction. The deal only applies to the Steam version of WWE 2K22, but fans on PC can save $21 on their purchase by April 9. WWE 2K22 is significantly better than the last entry in the series, so it’s a wrestling sim worth picking up this year, especially at this price.

The WWE 2K series took a break in 2021 in an attempt to fix the flaws in WWE 2K20. It’s a move that seems to have paid off, with the game scoring a 7/10 in our review – calling it a huge improvement over the previous installment.

“It’s a massive step up from 2K20, improving nearly every aspect of the long-running series,” reviewer Richard Wakeling wrote. “The in-ring action has been reworked and improved, the variety and quality of its game modes have increased, and there has been a significant decrease in the amount of relentless glitches affecting every facet of the game. WWE 2K22 is a surprising return to form after the Shockmaster-sized disaster that was 2K20″

Green Man Gaming’s WWE 2K22 discount is valid until April 9, so be sure to take advantage of the savings while you can.